Team Challenger FC Located in Medina, Ohio (HQ South) and Avon, Ohio (North) was formed in the winter of 2007 for the sole purpose of competing in the Indoor National Tournament.  The fun and success this team demonstrated made us realize there was a better way to offer soccer in Northeast Ohio.




Challenger FC Philosophy


Our primary focus is on the continued growth and development of our players and teams. The development of the players’ skills, tactical knowledge and teamwork are of utmost importance. We strive to instill this in our players.  Skilled players must compete at the highest level of competition and therefore our teams must be formed by grouping players with similar abilities.


We believe high-level competitive soccer helps players learn discipline and commitment, develop physical fitness, build self-esteem, evolve lasting relationships and learn life lessons that transcend winning on the field. We believe soccer should be great fun and we strive to provide an enjoyable environment for all players, coaches and families. We know that we can achieve these goals only through the combined efforts of our coaches, parents and players.


This club was designed to serve the needs of the players and their development.  Challenger's Board of Directors works collectively to accomplish this. The Board is responsible for organizing, planning and the administration of the club. The Director of Coaching and his professional staff are entrusted with the responsibility to make technical decisions on player development based on what is in the best interest of the player. In order for players and teams to maximize their development and seek the highest level of competition, they must receive the finest training available.


Our organizations most important asset is its reputation for open, honest, and fair dealings. Compliance with the rules and regulations of the organizations with which we are affiliated is both necessary and desirable to protect this reputation